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Keep your clients' records, history, and treatment success secure yet easily accessible.
All-Inclusive Business Management Features
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Envision Rx

Envision Rx is an electronic prescribing feature available for all MedSpa Editions. It is already accessible in Envision Cloud.

Medication History
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Prescribe in minutes!
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Patient/Medication History
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High Security

TeleMedicine (Video Chat)

Now you can set up virtual appointments through Envision Cloud with doxy.me!

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Confirmation Links
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Calendar Icon
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Photo of Example of Software Screen for Patient Records

Electronic Treatment Records

Break away from the desk and paper charts with E-records!

Annotate injections & treatment points
Track SOAP notes and treatment records

Online Patient Forms

Offering online e-medical forms to your clients gives them the freedom to fill out their paperwork at their convenience.

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Send Form 
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Customizable Forms
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Electronic Signature
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Photo of Ipad with Medical History Forms
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Weight Loss Tracking

Electronically track your client’s progress throughout their weight loss journey.

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Auto-Calculate BMI
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Instantly Print Progress Reports

Patient Photos & Files

Track patients' progress and keep all important documents connected to their chart.

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Compare Before and After Pictures
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Store important patient documents
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Task Management

Consolidate your MedSpa's to-do list and coordinate responsibilities with integrated task management.

Icon of Company Tasks
Manage company tasks in a central list
Icon of Printer Printing Report
Assign to-do's to a single employee or to a department

Client Appointment Progress

Don't worry about keeping patients waiting too long. Track their appointment flow each step of the way.

Icons of People with Checkmark
Keep track of patients' status throughout their visit
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Color-coded status changes alert providers when a patient is ready
Photo of Example of Software Client Appointment Progress

increase Efficiency and Simplify Daily Tasks
with Business Management Features

Always Know What's On Your Books

Fully featured appointment book allows you to book appointments from anywhere, at any time, with any device connected to the internet. No more waiting at the front desk to prebook your client’s next appointment, or calling in every morning to see who is first on your schedule.

Icon of Calendar

Appointment Schedules

Increase Retail Sales

Never forget to recommend product again! Increase retail purchases by setting Envision to prompt your front-desk staff to suggest retail items when a specific service is added to the ticket.

Icon of Shopping Bags

Product Recommendations

Know Your Customers

Have instant access to your client demographics, sales history, and more. Keeping accurate records of your client information allows you to tailor your marketing messages to their needs.

Icon of Clipboard with Client Information and Screw

Client Management

No-Stress Marketing Done For You

Isn’t it embarrassing when you forget your friend’s birthday or to send that “Thank You” note you meant to send weeks ago? Now you don’t have to worry about remembering those special days for your clients. Let Envision take care of the Well Wishes and Thank You's. We never forget!

Marketing Chart

Automated Marketing

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments with a seamlessly integrated solution and give your customers a quick check-out experience.

Icon of Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Processing

Efficient Management And A Productive Staff

Envision keeps your employee information at your fingertips and gives your staff the power to take control of their success.

Icon of Employee ID Card with Screw

Employee Management

Manage your Online Reputation

It's such a hassle to get quality reviews for all the different review sites. That is why Envision makes it easy by collecting all your reviews and placing them in one spot for you to view, share and report on. Send out automated review requests based on triggers like if a client tips over 20%.

Marketing Chart

Reputation Management

Send Payments Before or After Appointments

Envision allows your clients to pay before, during or after their appointment with the mobile payment feature. Not only can you pay, you can also easily choose tips and have the receipts sent to your email.

Icon of Credit Card Reader

Mobile Payment

Secure your Appointments

Envision gives you the option to require different types of deposits to secure your appointments. Choose between a percentage, a flat amount or the full deposit amount.

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Appointment Deposits

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Reduce No-Shows With Automatic Appointment Confirmations

Drastically reduce your no-show rate by allowing Envision to automatically confirm your appointments for you. You no longer have to spend your time calling tomorrow’s clients. You can focus on the clients with you today.

Icon of Envelope with Checkmark

Automated Confirmations

Sell Gift Cards In-Store And Online

Add to your bottom line and guarantee future income with gift card sales. Easily sell and track gift cards in store and let Envision be your 24/7 gift card concierge with online gift card sales.

Icon of Wrapped Present with Dollar Sign

Gift Card Sales

Take Control Of Your Inventory

Manage and track your inventory based on your vendor orders and customer purchases.

Icon of Inventory Scale with Checkmark

Inventory Management

Never Overbook Your Rooms Or Equipment

Never worry about over-booking your rooms, stations, or equipment for your services. Envision can automatically select the correct resource needed for services when booking an appointment.

Icon of Calendar with Checkmark

Appointment Resources

Target The Right Audience

Stay in constant communication with your clients and let Envision handle your marketing. Send promotions, announce new products, or wish your favorite clients a happy birthday! A simple email can be a reminder that it is time to book an appointment, building your client retention.

Icon of Envelope Opening With @ SYMBOL

Email Marketing

Online Booking Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device!

Allow your customers to book appointments online or through your business Facebook page. Appointments are booked in REAL TIME so they appear on your calendar instantly!

Icon of Computer Screen with Clock

Online Booking

Quick And Easy Check-Out

With Envision, your register is always with you. Easily process tickets using your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Icon of Register

Point of Sale

Client Memberships Guarantee Revenue

Do you dream about having consistent repeat business and a steady revenue flow? It's time to make your dreams a reality with Envision's Membership Program!

Icon of Membership Tag


Reports To Keep You On Track

With just a few clicks, you can see your staff's and your business’s strengths and growing points.  Envision makes it easy to review your most valuable data in single reports.

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Report Summaries

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